Womens contribution to nation building essay

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Womens contribution to nation building essay

It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing. After India became independent it was realized by most of the national leaders including Nehru, Gandhi, Dr.

Rajendra Prasadthat emancipation of Women is necessary and also realized that so long as the conditions of women were not improved, and granted equal status with men, India could not progress. The role of women in the freedom struggle cannot be undermined.

If she is given the task for the development of the country she can make a wonder. She is more dedicated, harder working, more sincere, more devoted to the cause.

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Many social evils like; dowry, illiteracy among the females, killing of girl child in the womb, ignoring the hygienic values, polio etc.

Many women have proved themselves, dynamic, vibrant, sincere and perfect in many fields. These names made both the society and the women folk proud of them. The myth the certain fields present age occupy top rank and attained immense success in all the field such as polities, police, administration, medicine, services etc.

Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawala, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi have become well recognized names in their respective fields. Today the educated women have come out of their inferiority complex and are shouldering all kinds of responsibilities, as Managers, Officers, TV and Radio news-readers, Pilots, Ministers, Anchors, Musicians, Clerks, Stenographers, Prime Ministers and what not?

Rabri Devi, Uma Bharti, Mrs. Vijaya Raje Scindhiya have proved to be the astute Politicians. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act passed inlay upon the women of our country more responsibilities in accelerating the development of the country. Women elected to Panchayat and Municipal Councils, because of the reservation, have started asserting themselves.

Now the women in local governments are taking the basic issues as water, health facilities, family planning, polio eradication, more seriously, more sincerely. Now they can play better role in the development of there are of operation whether village or municipality, which in turn will result into the overall development of the State and the country as a whole.

Women are more dedicated and devoted to their duties and have much patience and politeness than many by nature. There is no doubt that women had played very important role in the national building, but the man is still not in favour of giving them the given due powers.

The empowerment of women by itself cannot place women on equal footing with men, the need of hour is the change of social attitudes towards women.

Womens contribution to nation building essay

Many social evils, like dowry, illiteracy among women, infanticide of female child, elimination of girls foetus, are required to be fully rooted out. If the men and help in the nation building, the women can do much better!

ESSAY : Role of Women in Nation Building

Women is no less creature than that of men. Women, undoubtedly, can play a very important role in the betterment of the nation if men giver them chance.Nation-building is defined in this paper as dealing with the societal and political aftermath of conflicts and establishing new governments and social compacts.

In immediate post-conflict environments, the goal of preventing renewed violence often overshadows everything else. While women have contributed positively to the progress of humanity, this article will focus on the role played by women in the development of Nigerian politics.

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According to the study, nation builders should work to reconcile traditional values with progressive ideas involving women's participation in society. To enhance the results of nation-building, the study suggests that nations should place a greater emphasis on the broader concept of human security from the earliest phase of nation-building efforts.

Tuesday, 09 July Role of Women in Nation Building “There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. What we lack is “political will” to understand the importance of women’s role in nation building and all avenues open to them to get political power.

If we look at the representation of women in the Parliament since independence, the inequity will be more than evident. It seems there is a long march ahead for them in political arena.

ESSAY : Role of Women in Nation Building