Why do people watch foreign films

Next Why are foreign films so much better? After watching movies like "Stalingrad" "Der Untergang" downfall and "Brest Fortress" I'm embarrassed for ever liking it. Why do directors like Spielberg think making something up will be

Why do people watch foreign films

Photo via Flickr Many times we tend to have preconceived notions about foreign films.

Why do people watch foreign films

We worry that reading subtitles will be tedious and tiring. We fret about not understanding the context, setting, or message of the film itself. Growing up in Mexico, I spent a significant amount of time watching films in Spanish.

Foreign Films: 10 Non-English romantic movies to watch

From my perspective, this is a great thing. What I love about foreign movies is that you are forced to focus and as a result become more invested in the work. Learning a new language?

Take a free placement test to give your language skills a boost! It shows you a different view of the world When I watched my first Bollywood movie in university, I was not impressed.

At one point I found myself laughing at the sheer dramatic nature of the film while crying at the same time because of the poignant message.

Are subtitles (in films) useful to learn new languages?

It took me a little while longer to process the film but when I did, wow. I started to seriously think about the experiences of marginalized or disenfranchised people in America, something which, as a white woman, I had never really thought much about.

This is what I truly love about foreign films; that they give you more of a glimpse into the human experience than your average Hollywood blockbuster.

They make you think. This often rings more true for foreign films than for English movies because they are likely to be made for the sheer sake of the art instead of with the goal of breaking box office records. When a film captures my imagination and teaches me about another culture at the same time, I call that one a real winner.

Before you jump the gun and say that people like me who enjoy foreign films are pretentious, give it a try!

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Get a list of the top 5 best foreign films from Rotten Tomatoes and watch just one.The reasons why many people watch foreign movies can be many ones, and they are related usually to the culture of the nation they live in.

Usually they are: To study & to try to learn a new language in the right way, movies can be great instruments to reach the goal for this topic;. Subs or Dubs: Why some countries watch films dubbed (e.g.

France, Spain, Italy) while others watch with subtitles. We want to reach those viewers who are perfectly happy to watch foreign films.” The problem is that the sort of Polish movies put out by Phoenix are very different from the arthouse kind. 12 Essential Foreign Horror Films Horror films have been around for more than a century.

but we selected our twelve favorites that we consider to be Essential Foreign Horror Films. The list is by no means comprehensive, but it’s a good place to start.

(why do people in horror movies never learn?). One party turns into two, turns into. Jun 28,  · Why Documentary Films Are So Important.

In France people do watch TV, (though much less than in the US, TVs are becoming the central focus of . On that day, women and men all over the world are being asked to stop the ever-growing gender wage gap anyway they can, and my way is to introduce you to female-directed foreign films from the.

Foreign Films With English Subtitles - It's Worth the Effort! - How many have you seen?