Studies of religion essay questions

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Studies of religion essay questions

Theravada Buddhism Theravada Buddhism Theravada Buddhism has been a state-sponsored religion since the reign of King Rama V, who adopted the Sangha Buddhist body without rejecting premodern indigenous supernatural beliefs Malikhao, This was the beginning of hybridity in Thailand.

This is opposed to syncretism, which fails to consider modern social realities such as consumerism. Due to the long history and interaction of Theravada Buddhism with indigenous supernaturalism, Buddhist principles have evolved to become grounded in supernaturalism.

Modern religiosity is a reflection of animism rather than of canonical Theravada Buddhism. Karma sets the basis for the afterlife, but Buddhist doctrines fail to adequately explain the afterlife, so this gap is filled up by animistic beliefs.

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It is fundamental to other social values which are observed in society, such as being superstitious and being materialistic. These values are chosen to be evaluated against the value of karma because they are reflected in modern literature regarding the royalist and consumerist culture in Thailand.

In the political scene, superstitions linked to karma are exploited by royals and politicians to legitimize their rule. In the economic scene, the adoption of materialistic tendencies due to capitalism has led to the growth of the prosperity religion, where equal emphasis is placed upon wealth accumulation and salvation Jackson, Religious consumerism draws heavily from the idea of merit-making, which has its roots in karma.

Although some contend that indigenous supernaturalism is facing a decline amidst the rise of orthodox Buddhism which rejects the prosperity religion, this essay argues that the indigenous supernatural beliefs continue to exist in modern Thailand. Indigenous supernaturalism is the focal point of religious attitudes as its beliefs are well-integrated with Buddhist values Jackson, Formoso argues that Buddhist teachings are vague about the destiny of souls, causing the animistic concept of wandering spirits in the physical realm to meld with Buddhist teachings about karma.

The essence of a deceased is believed to remain in the physical realm prior to their rebirth and maintain an influence on the living. It is ubiquitous to see Thais worshiping personal spirit houses and city shrines lak muang housed with guardian spirits to accumulate more merit Kitiarsa, b.

Karma is an important concept in the mind-sets of the Thais because it is believed to directly affect their success in life. To continuously build good karma, the Thais believe in getting rid of negative influences through indigenous supernatural practices.

For instance, when Thai Airways Airbus A landed poorly at Suvarnabhumi airport due to a system malfunction inthe airline attributed the accident to evil spirits haunting the airport and conducted a ceremony to appease the spirits Sagolj, Their actions reveal their inherent belief that bad karma obtained from negative influences can be turned around through spirit appeasement.

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It is observed that indigenous supernaturalism is integral in karmic teachings, with its beliefs deeply felt in society. Additionally, beliefs in supernaturalism persist with the encouragement of royals who employ superstitious methods to legitimize their rule McCargo, Highly superstitious Thais, whose superstitions are grounded in supernaturalism, are taken advantage by royals that appropriate indigenous supernatural beliefs as a source of legitimacy Jackson, In particular, the superstitious belief of power by association — that supernatural power can be transferred or enhanced when empowered images are in close proximity — is used by royals to strengthen their rule.

As such, kings continually engage in merit-making to improve their karma and in the process, enhance their barami to solidify their legitimacy Stengs, Royals enhance their barami by associating themselves with divinities with large reserves of barami.

It is said that he has amassed so much merit that it can be transferred to anyone within his presence i. Subliminal perception used in merchandise influences the public, unconsciously reinforcing their belief in association such that being superstitious remains a constant social value. Given that barami is enhanced through the superstitious belief of merit accumulation by association and the fact that karma is the concept underlying merit, disregarding the centrality of karma in modern political actions involving indigenous supernaturalism would be an oversight.The Cult of Othin: An Essay in the Ancient Religion of the North [H.

M. Chadwick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Originally published in , this concise book provides a series of essays on the Ancient Germanic cult of Woden.

The text focuses on the characteristics and rites associated with the cult. Some exclude beliefs and practices that many people passionately defend as religious.

For example, their definition might requite a belief in a God or Goddess or combination of Gods and Goddesses who are responsible for the creation of the universe and for its continuing operation.

Studies of religion essay questions

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A single point of view on "hot" religious topics, or: A single point of view on controversial social problems. but which are often neglected. Yet it is often in these ignored questions that the possibility for consensus and resolution lies.

Update to "Basic questions" The following section and essay discuss change: How religions.

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