Similarities between shembe and jesus of nazareth theology religion essay

Rastafarianism evolved as a reaction to the Christianity that was imposed upon African-American slaves and their descendents. There are several other aspects in which these two religions are similar, the purpose of this paper is to explore some of those similarities. The Christian religion began around years ago in Judea, which is now Israel.

Similarities between shembe and jesus of nazareth theology religion essay

The church divided into two main sections in following the death of its leader Johannes Galilee Shembe []. The largest group was led by Amos Shembe [], the other, smaller group, by Londa Shembe []. The following texts were produced with the encouragement of Londa Shembe. By reproducing them we remain neutral with regard to the division in the church.

Our only concern is to publicize the work of the founder the "prophet" Isaiah Shembe. Although Londa Shembe and I had many long discussions about theology in general, and his church in particular, we had never really talked about the specifics of his theology.

Therefore this chapter is based on general conversations and hints he gave before he died. The most important clue to his thinking is found in the fact that he repeatedly told me and many foreign visitors that he completely agreed with the view given in my book The Theology of a South African Messiah, and my article "Isaiah Shembe and the Zulu World View.

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The theology of Isaiah Shembe was not based on the sword or violence but on his sincere conviction that he was the mouthpiece and instrument of Jehova, whom he reflected among the people, to lead the Zulu nation out of bondage.

This view also seems to have been held by Londa Shembe whose ideas were deeply embedded in the spirit of Isaiah Shembe. He firmly believed that Isaiah Shembe, his grandfather, had a special place in the celestial sphere.

Similarities between shembe and jesus of nazareth theology religion essay

For him Isaiah Shembe was a messianic figure who had been a messiah to eight other peoples before he was incarnated into the Zulu people.

Thus Londa Shembe saw Isaiah Shembe as a global figure who was born into the Zulu nation at a specific stage of their history to be their messiah. But, in his view, Isaiah Shembe was a cosmic messiah who should not be identified with the Zulus alone.

Londa Shembe maintained that his grandfather, Isaiah Shembe continued the essence of Jewish religion in his own teachings. As a result Londa Shembe began to study Hebrew and was a voracious reader of books dealing with Jewish Religion.

He also made contact with an Orthodox rabbi in Durban and unsuccessfully attempted to contact an Hasidic group in Johannesburg. Developing this theme he believed that the teachings of Isaiah Shembe and the teachings of "the old Afrikaner people" were the same because they both emphasized "Unkulunkuln Ka Adam", the God of Adam.

The place of Jesus in Isaiah Shembe's theology is problematic. According to Londa Shembe, Jesus was important to Isaiah Shembe when he first founded his church, as a result in his early hymns the name of Jesus was frequently mentioned.

But, as time past, the name of Jesus disappeared from the hymns and the names Unkulunkulu, Umvelingqangi and Jehova, which are names for God, gradually became prominent.

Similarities between shembe and jesus of nazareth theology religion essay

Therefore his followers have to take up the Cross, verse 5. Later in Hymn When Isaiah started you find Jesus, for example, in Hymn 2 which was the first hymn he composed on Mount Nhlangakazi. In many of the songs and early hymns Jesus' name appeared but towards the middle period no specific references are made to Jesus but the references are to Unkulunkulu, Umvelingqangi and Jehova.

His flock has broken his word. It is now his word that they have broken. One sees here how he has been growing. When one looks at the ezitsha the objects that he used for communion, there was a crucifix inside the box which means that he accepted it but he gradually grew more into himself.

That's why the services at all the churches and mission stations start at nine. The theme of liberation touched Londa Shembe deeply as a law student and later as a church leader. He saw, however, that his grandfather's theology must be seen in the context of the whole of South Africa and its enslavement under an apartheid ideology not just the liberation of the Zulu.

Zulu Christians, belonging to mission churches, often claim that followers of Isaiah Shembe believe he is God. On the basis of our conversations and my own research, I believe, it would be wrong to describe Isaiah Shembe as God, a god or even as a Black Jesus Christ.


Rather, he was, and still is, a reflection of "Jehova" in the iBandla lamaNazaretha. This is because his spirit rules supreme in the hearts and minds of his people within the church.

In the history of religions people have often built messianic features into a founder of a religious movement and members of the iBandla lamaNazaretha are no exception. The hymns of Isaiah Shembe played a great role in this regard by elevating Isaiah Shembe above mortal men.

To understand this development it is necessary to review the history of the founding of the church and Isaiah Shembe's spiritual development. When he died on May 2, he left behind one of the most influential churches in Africa.

This church was and is totally separate from missionary churches and white control and is in no way dependent on them for ideas or financial support.

According to tradition Isaiah Shembe heard a "Voice" in a thunderstorm which told him to leave his mother and four wives, to shun immorality, and to serve God.

Following this experience Isaiah Shembe developed the qualities of an oboniswayo, a seer, within Zulu society and acted with great self-assurance.4. Belief in Jesus’ Miraculous Birth Unlike Judaism, both Christians and Muslims believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary (Qur’an , Isaiah ).

Where they differ is the divinity of Jesus Christ as God’s son. Muslims consider Jesus to be your run-of-the-mill prophet, just like Moses or Muhammad (pbut). The central element of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth, attracted a following of people who believed him to be a new prophet.

Christianity is an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the Canonical gospels and the letters of the New Testament.

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Islam vs. Christianity Kyle Baldani Religious Studies Islam and Christianity: A Comparison October 4, Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, with more than one and a half billion followers worldwide it is the most rapidly growing religion today.

1. There are three major monotheistic religions found in the World today; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Please find at least three common similarities in the three religions and explain why there are such conflicts between the three religions.

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The Nazareth Baptist Church ( Shembe )

Then there was the godly side of Jesus of Nazareth. Grudem said that we can non hold the one without the other. (Grudem, , p.

) But we will speak about the 2 nature of Christ a small subsequently in more item. Isaiah Shembe referred to Jesus as Liberator and Redeemer in Hymn where he praises "the liberation of the hosts of heaven through Jesus the uMkhululi, Liberator, Redeemer." In Hymn 5 the way of Jesus is pictured as hard and difficult, verse 1, because the gate is .

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