Shia sunni paper

The split between Sunni and Shia Muslims occurred following the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and was bound up in who should succeed him. There was a schism very early on and theological differences developed from this. The imams were considered to be infallible, whilst for the Sunnis the caliph was just a man, there to maintain law and order. War, politics and sectarianism in Syria However, the split between the groups was not definitive straight away.

Shia sunni paper

We need to understand the Shia position on Sahabas are arrived at from evidences that are Shia sunni paper common in Sunni and Shia sources and that such evidences do contain a possibility of criticism against Sahabas.

However, when we say Shias have made all Sahabas as apostates then this is a propaganda that we are a victim of. Let us analyze the position of Shias on Sahabas and Sunnis. One of the leading authority of Shia theology and law, Sharf Aldin Musawi states: Perhaps he saw in the books of the Shia our Sunnah that he did not understand it, and were confused about which forced him ignorantly to this conclusion.

Such a conclusion can also be arrived from Sunni sources as well as following shows: The senior Sahaba who fought Al-Badr was witnessed by other senior Sahabas of drinking alcohol.

The senior Sahaba who was witnessed by other senior Sahabas of committing adultery. The Prophet blessings and peace of Allah be upon him said: The people in the house disagreed, and they argued. Some of them said: Come close and let the Messenger of Allah blessings and peace of Allah be upon him write for you a document after which you will not go astray.

When their debating and argument in the presence of the Messenger of Allah blessings and peace of Allah be upon him became too much, the Messenger of Allah blessings and peace of Allah be upon him said: What a calamity it was when the Messenger of Allah blessings and peace of Allah be upon him was prevented from writing that document for them because of their disagreement and arguing.

The prophet would not say something futile about guidance. The wars that occurred later after the demise of prophet explains this. It is no less than Inspiration sent down to him: I am not enemy of Allah and I have not stolen the money of God.

I am the enemy of the enemy of God. Hadith, narrated by Ibn Saad and Al Hakim. Some Sahabas also blasphemed and abused each other in front of Prophet as well.

There are many other narrations similar to these narrations as well. Now can we say Sunni books blaspheme against the Sahabas?

Shia sunni paper

Let us see do plain blaspheming and abusing make someone a kafir infidel? The same source states the similar position of the Ashari Sunni theologians.

What about if someone abuses and blasphemes on the basis of valid interpretation of the textual evidences? Some Shias blaspheme Abu Bakr and Umar but Shias possess grudge against them on basis of their Islamic interpretation which is a possible content of the texts of Islam. Islamic legal literature and theology shows that various schools interpreted a text in different ways.

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The Shias position on Sahabas is based on ijtihad and taweel. So if valid ijtihad and taweel is an excuse for one then it is an excuse for other.

These sayings of Prophet do not mean one who cheats has become infidel or one who abandons prayer has become apostate. Narrations of Ahl Bayt Imams clearly reconcile with narrations of Sunni hadith books about one who states the shahada has believed and became Muslim.

After this short discussion it should be clear that Shias and Sahabas are not enemies as one propaganda would make us believe, but rather Shias and Sahabas are from the same religion Islam of the same follower prophet Mohammad.Research Paper on Sunnis and Shiites In the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammed, and for some years afterwards, Islam was a united faith.

But by the ’s AD, Islam had split into two main sects which fought bitterly with each other.

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Dec 25,  · Those who always say im not sunni or shia, they are sunni, then there is shaffi maliki hanafi hanbali. Im no dijal, im just spreading the truth, if spreading the truth makes me dijjal then be it, because thats exactly what the mekkans called the prophet when he spread the truth.

In one notorious incident, the Gilgit Massacre, Osama bin Laden-led Sunni tribals assaulted, massacred and raped Shia civilians in Gilgit after being inducted by the Pakistan Army to quell a Shia .

The Shia Power Brokers of the New Iraq. his death cementing Sunni political dominance across the Islamic world. The battle was the point of no return in the schism between Sunni and Shia Islam.

Shia sunni paper

The intensification of sectarian warfare in Iraq during the last year has generated a flow of commentary in the Western press, claiming that this conflict is the consequence of age-old animosities between the Shias and the Sunnis because of deep religious differences.

The major split in Islam is that between the majority Sunnis and the minority Shiites. The split goes back to events in the 7th century: After Mohammed’s death in , leadership of the Islamic community passed to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, one of Mohammed’s closest companions.

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