How to write a improper fraction as a mixed number

So right now it's an improper fraction.

How to write a improper fraction as a mixed number

An improper fraction is just a pure fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator. This right here, it's not a pure fraction.

Three Types of Fractions

We have a whole number mixed with a fraction, so we call this a mixed number. So let's think about 5.

how to write a improper fraction as a mixed number

Five is 5 wholes, or if you're thinking of pie, we could draw literally five pies. Let me just cut up the pies from the get go into four pieces since we're dealing with fourths. So let me just cut up the pies right over here. So that's one pie right over there.

Let me copy and paste this. So I have two pies, and then I have three pies, and then I have four pies, and then I have five pies.

So this is what the 5 represents. That is the 5 part right there. That is what 5 literally represents. It represents five whole pies. Now, I have cut up the pies into four pieces, so you can imagine each piece represents a fourth.

Now, how many pieces do I have in these five pies? Well, I have four pieces per pie. Let me just right it here. So we have 5 whole pies is equal to 20 fourths. Let me write it like that. I've kind of done the same thing twice.

So that's what the five pies represent. So that is another pie. Cut it into four pieces. This is one of the four pieces. The denominator tells us how many pieces. The 1 tells us how many of those pieces we're dealing with, so it's just this one piece over here.

So we could rewrite this. Let me write it like this. And to see that these are the same thing, you literally just divide 4 into You get 5, and nothing is left over.

So if I have 20 fourths and I add one more fourth to it, how many fourths do I have? Well, I have I have 21 fourths.

how to write a improper fraction as a mixed number

Or another way of thinking about it, this 5 is-- so this right here is 20 pieces of pie. You can even count it. But a quicker way is to say, well, we have five pies. Each of them have four pieces. However you want to think of it, but we've solved the problem.

We're at an improper fraction. Let me color code it. So if you have 5 and 1 over 4, to convert it into an improper fraction, you're going to keep the same denominator, so you're going to have the over 4 there.CHANGING DECIMALS TO COMMON FRACTIONS.

Any decimal may be reduced to a common fraction.

What Is Fraction?

To do this we simply write out the numerator and denominator in full and reduce to lowest terms. For example, to change to a common fraction, we simply write out the fraction in full,. and reduce to lowest terms. The top number (1) is called the numerator. The bottom number (3) is called the denominator.

This fraction means 1÷3. That is, 1 divided by 3. An improper fraction is a fraction where the numerator (top number) is larger than the denominator (bottom number). You can convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions without changing the value of the figure.

Converting Mixed Numbers to Fractions

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One way to think of a fraction is as a division that hasn't been done yet. Why do we even use fractions? Why don't we just divide the two numbers and use the decimal instead?

How to Turn an Improper Fraction Into a Mixed Number: 11 Steps