Free personal trainer business plan sample

The Get Active methodology revolves around a holistic approach to training — movement, nutrition, regeneration, and endurance. It helped me achieve my dreams by passing an all-rounder scholarship fitness test in fencing as I am a fencer! I owe it to Get Active fitness trainer, Juan.

Free personal trainer business plan sample

You are NOT alone!

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A lot of other women in this community have felt the same way BUT the great news is…there is a solution to these problems and its right here. The only thing between you and overcoming this pain and frustration is taking action and doing something about it!

Dear Friend, My name is Samantha Taylor and I have struggled immensely with many of the same things you have. I had an unhealthy relationship with food ever since I was a child and I hated to exercise. I used food to numb my feelings and emotions as I stuffed more and more into my face, not knowing how to stop myself from letting food control me.

As the years went on, my eating challenges got worse and finding time to exercise seemed difficult.

free personal trainer business plan sample

Then when I did exercise, I found myself binging on more calories because exercising was a cheap way to control my weight even though I was miserable and unhealthy.

Then one day about six years ago a miracle happened, I was walking on the treadmill at the gym as tears streamed down my cheeks, crying from the pain I felt after just binging…again. I realized at that moment I had to start taking care of my body and honoring it as the gift that it is.

How to Become a Personal Trainer: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

I realized there was more to weight loss, exercise and eating healthy then just the physical, I knew I had to look at all components…mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It was from that day on that I really started this journey of truly overcoming my unhealthy relationship with food and stopped allowing all the excuses to control my life.

I took action and was able to really start to have my dream body. Then with full force I showed other women how to do the same thing and I have helped almost women get to their dream body too.

I care about your results and I care about you having a higher level of health. You are worth it and YOU can do it! During those years, I gained about 10 pounds each year with a combination of bad eating habits, a stressful job and no exercise.

At the beginning of last year I went on a cruise with my mother and when I got back I looked at the photos we took. I could not believe the person in the photos was me - how had I become so out of shape?

I thought I didn't have time to work out but Samantha convinced me that I had to make time and also make the changes in my eating habits to become healthy and lose weight. The time I have spent with Samantha has been one of the best investments I've made in my life - she has inspired me to eat healthier and how to work out effectively to lose the fat I needed to lose without losing muscle.

She has shown me a way that I can follow for the rest of my life. I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 in 7 months and I've lost over inches all over my entire body!

I encourage you to get started with this Results Group Personal Training - don't waste another day! You can do it too with her help. I had been a chronic stress-eater and was never one to pay attention to portion sizes.

Breaking Down the Numbers

I was suffering from a serious sugar addiction and would snack on cookies and chips late at night. I was completely frustrated — I would try to work out but by the end of the day, I had absolutely no energy.

When I decided to do her program I felt that a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had confidence that I was going to get the results I wanted and it felt wonderful to regain control.

I realized that I had made a change from feeling sorry for myself to being empowered and taking control over my habits again.Personal Training Business Plan 1.

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The first meeting works as a consultation where. See this sample personal fitness business plan to get started. Home; How To. Start a Business. Starting a Small Business – A Complete Guide with Templates and Tools This instructor/trainer course insures that all employees have demonstrated the ability to teach the BuffUp Method.

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Find your training niche and make money. Want to be a personal trainer or improve your existing practice? This fun, practical guide gives you the tools to manage your business; design and conduct professional, effective workouts; and advance your client to the next level.

Developing your ultimate personal training business has never been easier with this comprehensive PT business planning template.

Are you looking for a business plan that is specific to Personal Training? The tools, tips and techniques found on can be used by any personal trainer in any country to easily set up and manage.

A Sample Personal Training Business Plan Template Are you about starting a personal training business? If YES, here is a complete sample personal training business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE.

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