Fraud detection and deterrence

Understand core Fraud Risk Management concepts from the auditing perspective. Explore the three primary types of fraud:

Fraud detection and deterrence

We detect fraud and identify areas in which there is increased potential for fraud and abuse.

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Our team members include certified fraud examiners and financial forensics experts with extensive training and experience.

For over 25 years, we have provided financial consulting services to clients while working at large accounting firms. At Baum Blaugrund, we bring the advantage of large firm consulting experience to our clients without the large firm fees. Meeting Your Needs Studies have shown that organizations lose approximately five to seven percent of revenues annually to occupational fraud and abuse.

An effective fraud detection and deterrence program can help prevent and find fraud, driving more profit to the bottom line. Baum Blaugrund has worked on a variety of engagements including skimming, billing, payroll, and expense reimbursement investment, among other asset misappropriation schemes.

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We have also investigated financial statement frauds and corruption. We not only investigate and quantify frauds, but we implement deterrence techniques to discourage fraud before it occurs.

We also provide guidance on the appropriate course of action once fraud has been detected. Our industry knowledge, coupled with our understanding of forensics, business operations, and extensive training, can help you or your client in many ways.Employee Expense Reimbursement Fraud: Detection, Prevention and Deterrence Duration: 90 Minutes In this webinar Peter Goldmann will summarize the main types of reimbursement fraud to be alert to, including several "real life" case studies.


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Research on insurer management of opportunism in claiming has developed in two parallel literatures. One is a theoretical literature on insurance contracting that yields predictions about the nature of optimal auditing strategies for the deterrence of fraud.

Arbutus Fraud Detection combines comprehensive data access, analysis, and reporting into one intuitive and customizable analytics solution for both desktop or centralized deployment.

Fraud detection and deterrence

The Auditor’s Role in Fraud Prevention and Deterrence Examine the opportunity for the audit team to demonstrate antifraud expertise. Review the six essential components of an organizational Anti-Fraud Campaign.

Fraud Paper AND PowerPoint Presentation. For this assignment you will select a case involving fraud, waste, and abuse with issues of both fraud detection and fraud deterrence. Describe the terms "fraud," "fraud deterrence," "fraud detection," and "fraud investigation." From the given scenario, list four red-flag indicators that might point to the existence of fraud.

Financial Risk Manager: Fraud Detection And Deterrence - An Internal Auditor's Perspective