Essays bean trees novel

Many characters in the novel put their current lives aside to go off in hopes of finding a better one. By embarking on these journeys, the plot lines begin and end with risk taking.

Essays bean trees novel

Kingsolver uses her feminist beliefs, her interest in political issues, and her background in biology as vehicles to relate her thematic messages. Throughout Essays bean trees novel novel, Kingsolver focuses on family as a major theme. Taylor ends up with Turtle, and together they form a family.

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When they move in with Lou Ann and her son, their family grows. Neither Taylor nor Lou Ann can afford much; by sharing expenses, they help each other survive difficult times. Out of this sense of belonging and acceptance comes the notion of family, of unasked-for and freely given emotional and psychological support.

Other nontraditional families include Edna and Virgie Mae, as well as Mattie and her house full of political refugees.

Because Edna is blind, she is dependent on Virgie Mae. They support and care for one another.

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Mattie, when asked if she has "grandbabies," responds, "Something like that. They are fellow human beings, and she risks her life for them time and time again. What she does to care for and support these refugees is no different from what most biological family members do for each other.

She feels guilty leaving Turtle at Kid Central Station in the mall and knows that she needs other resources. After Taylor moves in with Lou Ann, she finds a place where she belongs — a community, and resources within that community. They are people she depends on who also depend on her.


Taylor takes a risk by driving them to Oklahoma to a safe house; in return, they risk their lives to save Turtle from becoming a ward of the state.

The willingness of people in a community to allow others to depend on them creates trust and a sense of belonging for both the providers and the receivers of that dependence. Community members look out for each other and support each other. In so doing, they allow all members to grow emotionally and to lead more productive lives without the worry of everyday personal security, including the need for food.

Kingsolver portrays this interdependency between the community members symbolically in the symbiotic relationship between the wisteria vines and the rhizobia.- The Growth of Marietta in The Bean Trees Barbara Kingsolver, in the novel The Bean Trees, portrays the story of a young woman, Marietta Greer, learning about love, responsibility, friendship and the human condition.

Essays bean trees novel

Barbara Kingsolver wrote The Bean Trees in shifting points of view. All but two chapters of the novel are written in the first person, revealing the thoughts and feelings of the feisty protagonist, Taylor Greer. Kingsolver wrote Chapters 2 and 4 in limited third person (we see the character through.

The novel’s title refers to the name that Turtle uses for wisteria: Their seed pods resemble beans.

Essays bean trees novel

When Turtle finally begins to talk, she does so in a vocabulary rich with vegetable and other. The Bean Trees Uncertain journeys are numerous in Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees.

Many characters in the novel put their current lives aside to go off in hopes of finding a better one.4/4(1). Motherhood in The Bean Trees In the novel, The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, we watch as Taylor grows a great deal.

This young woman takes on a huge commitment of caring for a child that doesn't even belong to her. The Bean Trees is a novel which shows Taylor’s maturation; it is a bildungsroman story. Taylor is a developing or dynamic character. Her moral qualities and outlook undergo a permanent change.

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