Does giving reasons for your actions

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Does giving reasons for your actions

This is a study on what it means to glorify God and how we believers can become more effective at it. Why did I do this study? Well, I knew the Bible says that we are to do everything for the glory of God 1 Corinthians Obviously it meant something good — to please God, to honor Him — but I wanted to know more than just the general meaning.

I thought this unusual because it seemed to me to be a very important topic, one that holds the key to a fulfilled, sanctified life and a strong relationship with God. So, I started studying this for the benefit of my own walk with God and I hope this will be of benefit to you also. I am not a writer, and maybe it shows.

Some parts are more developed than others, which you should take as opportunities to study more in depth. Next time you study your Bible, try doing so in the light pardon the pun of giving glory to God.

Any Does giving reasons for your actions that comes out of this study is entirely due to God. I used the Online Bible while putting this together. If you feel this has been of benefit to you, please pass it on to a friend. Bernhardt Introduction Everything in creation exists for the glory of God, including ourselves.

Whatever we do, we are to do for the glory of God. We spread the gospel for the glory of God. We submit to those who are over us and we endure suffering and persecution for the glory of God.

But what does it mean to glorify God and how can we become better at it? That is what I will try to answer in this practical study. When man boasts about himself, we think he has an ego problem, and rightly so. Do you think it was selfish of God to create us for His glory?

Your answer to that question reveals what you think about Him. If you think it was selfish of Him, it is a sign that you do not truly appreciate who He is and what He has done for us. His unselfishness was shown in the loving act of sending His only Son into the world to die for us.

Would a selfish God give Himself for what He has created? He could have let justice fall, and we would never have been able to experience the joy of knowing Him. But we were created not just to glorify God but to have an intimate relationship with Him.

We are to glorify Him because we can never repay what He has done for us. Love for God and appreciation for what he has done for us should create in us a desire to bring as much glory to Him as we possibly can. Thank Him for specific blessings every day and your love for God will grow.

I have found this to be a big help in my own life. What Is Glory In order to understand how to bring glory to God, we must first understand what glory is. I will start with the more general meanings of glory because the glory we are to give to God includes aspects of each of these different meanings.

It can mean light, beauty, majesty or awesomeness, honorableness, and reveling or boasting, or a combination of these meanings. Light In 1 Corinthians When you look up into the night sky, you can see hundreds of stars, and the glory of each is different.

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Does giving reasons for your actions

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