Designated driver service business plan

Next Do you need special insurance to start a designated drivers company? My boyfriend and I are interested in starting a designated drivers company in Ontario, Canada. I've asked a few people and am getting different answers So some people have told me you have to be 25 or older to drive someone elses car if you are not insured under their insurance.

Designated driver service business plan

This information is provided purely as a resource for people interested designated driver service business opportunities. They may serve the general public, or they may consist of and serve the students of the local college.

They may do things like reward citizen designated drivers at sporting events. They might produce PSAs and encourage use of a designated driver. Starting a business is not for everybody! This information is provided purely as a resource for citizens interested in learning as much as they can about drunk driving prevention and doing as much as they can to prevent drunk driving.

If you know another resource for starting a community-based designated driver service that we should list, let us know. Seated folding scooters can generally go faster than standup scooters, but they are heavier, larger, and can be more expensive.

There is only one major brand of seated fold-away scooters available in the United States. That brand is Di Blasi. They have two-wheel gas or electric scooters as well as electric tricycles. Definitely intended for short hauls, max speed on each is 30mph. Typically deployed in heavily populated city areas where traffic is already slow, use of a chase vehicle is common.

Here are pictures of a folded gas scooter and an unfolded electric tricycle They have several models. Here is one called the GSR Sport They will certainly present special safety concerns! Be sure to consult with your insurance company and your lawyer before deciding on a scooter strategy.

Org has no relationship with Folding Motorbike, Inc. This information is provided purely as a resource for designated driver services interested in using folding scooters for their business.

If you know another scooter manufacturer we should list, let us know.

designated driver service business plan

Can you give me some advice? Org runs or has ever run a designated driver service, we have spoken extensively with a number of companies in the course of maintaining our National Directory of Designated Driver Services.Success in the designated driver industry is not measured in dollars.

It is measured in drunk driving instances prevented. Make no mistake about it; designated driver service is one of the toughest industries to make a living in. You don't get into this profession to make a buck.

Start A Designated Driver Service Designated Driver

You become a designated driver service to keep drunk people from driving. Start A Designated Driver Service Designated Driver Designated Driver Limited Liability Co (LLC), Licenses, Business Permit, Tax IDs and or Fictitious Business Name Required To Start Your Own Business I.e., Start a Designated Driver business in .

Jan 30,  · legalities of designated driver service Discussion in 'Starting a Business, Incorporation' started by pxdetroit, Aug 17, Designated Driver Service in Vancouver and Lower Mainland. A Safe Alternative Driving Service offers designated drivers that take you and your vehicle home.

It may be considered a taxi service, and that could require additional permits. In some cities, it's almost impossible to get a taxi permit.

Frankly, if you're trying to set up this sort of business with free legal advice over the Internet, instead of hiring a local business attorney to advise you and make sure everything is correct, you probably don't have .

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