Customer preference towards horlicks

A study on passenger amenities in railways 2. A study on customer expectations and experiences with mobile phone services in Bangalore city 3.

Customer preference towards horlicks


Major Determinants of Demand: Introduction FMCG companies spend enormous amounts of money creating awareness, grabing attention for their product. Desire for their product and seeing that their product is purchased against other competitors.

Three types of competitions: Three types of competitions Desire competition refers to competition among various alternatives in the same categories. Product form competition refers to the various product forms among which the consumer has to choose.

Contd… FMCG companies have to meet these three kinds of competition in the minds of consumers by way of: Objectives of the study: Objectives of the study Find whether the income and price are the major determinants of demand. Income of the consumer and price of the good affect the demand of the goods.

Demand is the desire for a good or a service.

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Income When the income of consumer is less they have a propensity to buy inferior goods. When their income levels start increasing the tend to buy normal to superior goods. Demand is influenced by income of the consumer. Tastes and Preferences The choice of product depends upon the taste and preferences of a consumer.

There are certain factors which influence the consumers preferences. The consumers preferences may vary according to advertisement, quality, availability, packing, promotion etc.

Shopping Preferences The purchase decision is not made by the individuals. But is influenced by other people in his family.

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Actual purchase decision may depend on the people with whom a consumer decides to go shopping. Price The focus is on how the price influence the choice of substitutes. An increase in the consumption of one will lead to a decrease in the demand for the other.

Two goods are compliments if the price of one and the demand for the other are inversely related. Promotion Mix According to Philip Kotler the promotion mix consist of 4 major tools: Data was obtained by administering a questionnaire across 3 major super markets in the cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad These 3 super markets located at 3 different places B alanagar, Kukatpally and Chandanagar Methodologys Slide The sample The sample size was respondents whose monthly income ranged between Rs - Here family defined as a unit consisting of husbandwifetwo children and two grand parents Statistical Tools The method of percentages and chi - square test was used for data analysis using SPSS soft ware.

In this it was determined whether major determinants i. Soaps are one of the most important thing which a person starts the day. Market offering a wide range of products There are 3 types of income levels 1 Lower level 2 Middle level 3 High income levels Analysis and Findings Quality analysis and soap brand: Soap brand Good quality Total Disagree Moderate Agree Strongly agree Lux 3 7 7 17 Hamam 2 7 2 11 Pears 2 8 9 19 Lifebuoy 13 - 13 Dove 5 8 13 Others 7 20 2 29 Total 10 9 63 20 Quality analysis and soap brand Slide Size Frequency Percentage 50gms 4 3.

Attributes affecting the purchase decision of soaps Advertisingprice ,sales promotions and fragrance are the most important attributes affecting the purchasing among other factors like qualitycolor ,weight and availability.

Positioning Positioning plays a very important role in affecting the purchase decision of consumers After positioning in markets soaps are introduced different types of models in their product.

Health food drinks With the stress full life and junk food habits in order to compensate for nutritious food. People have these days are turning towards convenient remedies such as ready to drink fruit juices and health food drinks.

An increased health consciousness has lead to increse in demand of health drinks.

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The health food drinks market in india is huge I. Etc This formulation provides energy for daily activities Slide Health food drinks Frequency Percentage Boost 36 Income Boost Horlicks Bournvita Complan Others Total Less than 3 2 - 2 - 7 8 14 7 - 4 33 16 15 2 2 2 37 Above 9 8 2 2 4 25 Total 36 39 11 6 10 Income vs.

Customer preference towards horlicks

Innovation in HFD market It is important cater to the changing tastepreferences of the consumers. In HFD market it is more important to keep innovating Ex: After getting position in the market creating new segments and launching sub branches targets at specific groups mothers horliks for pregnant women's Horlicks junior for age between 3 — 5 horlicks lite for calorie conscious people It is also introduced new flavors as honeychocolate, coffee etc ….

G Packets Attributing affecting the purchase decision of health drink:Description: The document contain a project work on Horlicks, A project on consumer preference towards Horlicks Health drink, View More The document contain a project work on Horlicks, A project on consumer preference towards Horlicks Health drink,/5(10).

continue to grow at the expense of white drinks like These drinks are traditionally consumed as milk Horlicks and Complan.

satisfied and response of customers towards Questionnaire filled 28% are satisfied with the present Health Food by them for the consumption of Health Food Drink. Customers are loyal towards their customer . ActiGrow with vital nutrients essential to help lay a foundation for healthy growth of a child.

Regular diet may not meet the daily requirements of micronutrients. ActiGrow provides nutrients known for optimal brain development and function. Determinants of Consumer Attitude for Nutritional Drinks: Evidences from Pakistan Muhammad Ibrahim Ansari Lecturer, SMBB Medical University Larkana of their product in order to get customer attention and improve their attitude and preference.

Eventually, this will leads towards the better profitability. determinants of consumer attitude. A Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Horlicks Drinks on Coimbatore City The consumer needs and preference are changing as product differentiation and the conviences offered.

The consumer has certain exportations from branded health drinks in . To know the preference of consumers towards consumption of all type of drinks including milk based drinks.. To collect suggestions provided by the consumers to the company for improvement of Kool Lassee.

srmvision.comives Of Project To know the customer preference and satisfaction of Amul Kool Lassee 1ltr. tetrapack.

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