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Despite their small size and underfunding, the Red Cross made a concerted effort in the early years of the war to raise capital, recruit new personnel, nurses, and medical professionals, and gather medical supplies and other necessary treatments. Unfortunately, in the early stages of the Great War, the American Red Cross found it difficult to appeal to a nation that was committed to neutrality. Without any Americans in danger, few citizens found it necessary to offer relief to the distant Europeans. Despite the difficulties the Red Cross faced in the outset of the war, the organization was able to launch a single ship to the relief of Europe.

American red cross 1

Posted by RedCross The internet makes it possible to share information all over the world. So, are you wondering where this is leading?

Of course you are! Social Media Social media is a great way to get the word out anytime something happens, either good or bad, and the directors of the Red Cross know this, in particular, the Social Media Director.

This is where the Red Cross hears what people are saying about the organization, and they take all the information quite seriously and look for ways to improve the group and its efforts. If any information is incorrect or simply not true, social media is used as a way to get the truth out there to everyone.

Most people are not willing to accept a simple answer because what they are looking for is change. By sponsoring fundraisers and getting the word out on television, radio, and the internet, millions of dollars were raised for the Haiti relief effort.

The text program still exists today, has the backing of the US State Department, and people can still donate if they wish.

American red cross 1

Website for Hurricane Effort in Haiti A separate website was also established, as well as a blog in conjunction with the hurricane effort in Haiti. People who have lost, or are looking for loved ones, can use the blog to communicate with other family members.

Flickr brought photos to the public eye, and currently have generated over 1 million views. Facebook and Twitter were able to keep people updated in real time as to the situation in Haiti, publish updates, and other information pertinent to the disaster, proving that social media is a valuable tool, and not just something to play around on.

I find it a great source and a wealth of information for anything that is happening in the news today. Yes, some of the information posted may be biased or even incorrect, but compared to years ago when all we had to rely on for incoming news was the radio, newspaper, or television, social media gets the word out faster and spreads further than you can imagine.

Thankfully, the Red Cross of America realized that they were not utilizing everything that was available to them for spreading the word, and made the decision to use social media to call for donations and assistance. Who is to say what would have happened in Haiti if this media was not in place?

Surely help would have come, but undoubtedly it would have taken much more time.Some of you may be wondering at the importance of the American Red Cross to society, and still others may not even give it a second thought. You know what it is, you see the red cross symbol here and there, but as far as actually knowing the importance of it, many of us don’t have a clue.

First Aid - American Red Cross is an app created by the American Red Cross that provides you with you expert advice on how to handle everyday emergencies.

The app features videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice that can help you perform emergency medical procedures in . Oct 12,  · Donate to the American Red Cross wptv.

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Donate to the American Red Cross wptv. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading Close. Yeah, keep it Undo Close. Your gift supports the many urgent needs of the American Red Cross.5,,+ followers on Twitter. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated $ million to the American Red Cross on Friday for 10 new emergency response vehicles, including one based Salt Lake City.

American red cross 1

Your gift supports the many urgent needs of the American Red Cross.

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